The Dogs of Brindle Ridge

Butters aka Boots

French Bulldog

Butters is a 8 year old French Bulldog who is known for his amazing swimming abilities. He spends most of his time at Brindle Ridge securing the perimeter and being loyal to his family. On a hot day, catch him cooling off in the pond or in a horse trough.  


English Mastiff

Ava is the newest addition to the family! She is a 9 month old English Mastiff. Her days are spent hanging out on the porch and watching over the farm. She enjoys cuddling, giving kisses, playing with her brothers and chewing up tv remotes and cookbooks.

Mr. Tubbs aka Old Man

French Bulldog

Tubbs is the elder statesman of the crew. He is Colleen's absolute best friend and is always by her side. He loves everything and everyone! However, he does enjoy escaping to visit the neighbors (for some reason 20 acres isn't enough). Thank you to all our neighbors for returning him back home on an almost daily basis.

The Story Behind Brindle

3 dogs in a Polaris

All of our dogs are obviously Brindle. It's our favorite color here at Brindle Ridge Farms. Each of our dogs hold a special place in our hearts, so much that we named our farm after them!